Holiday Calendar

A Holiday Calendar which can be of some reference to you can be found here. It is originally synced from the website here.

Traditionally and generally, new months and in turn Jewish dates are calculated by sighting the new moon. As there is no Sanhedrin, certified witnesses and the like to testify to the sighted new moon in Israel, the calendar was fixed long ago and agreed upon by the scribes and Pharisees.

There are certainly those who seek to verify the actual sighted new moon either by third party, technology or themselves. One thing a person should perhaps note is that even eye witnesses trying to do what might seem a kind thing today, still vary on dates that a new moon appears, even amongst each other.

It is with this that the writer here observes the Hillel 2 Calendar for Israel, the accepted calendar as per the halakhah which can be found here.

The calendar shown below is Chabad’s (may Hashem bless them in Messiah [Christ]) calendar for outside of Israel, and features things like Yom Tov (a type of double rest day for some holidays).

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