Ezekiel 26 Explained: Satan’s Literal Destruction

This chapter of Ezekiel 26 peaceably shares how:

• Satan was judged and literally destroyed (V3-5, V15-21)

• The pit/Sheol/Hades were completely emptied of the dead souls that existed in it and was also literally destroyed (V8-V14).

• and that, peaceably, all who follow Satan are liable for judgement (V6)

Below is the commentary on the topic.

The actual chapter of Ezekiel 26 can be read here:

Dating The End, Satan’s Destruction: By Identifying The Image And The Mark Of The Beast Etc. (Revelation 13, 17, 18).

This explanation of Holy Scripture peaceably dates the spiritual judgement and literal end of the created spirit god Satan (Lucifer), by placing it on a timeline with regard to the image of the beast etc.

It places Armageddon (Judgement Day) at circa 70AD/CE (Revelation 20:9-10, 19:29-21, 29:13-15, Ezekiel 32:4-9, 11-12, 14-15).

This is done by sharing how the ‘image of the beast’ is the well known T-style crucifix which represents Tammuz (an alias for Satan/Lucifer).

The Tammuz-style crucifix was very popular and used by a dominant nation for human executions/sacrifices – especially around the time of the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem, Israel in 70CE/AD.

The beast and mark will also be explained.

Table Of Contents…

Isaiah 27 Explained: Satan Destroyed, People Here Later Go Upward.

This explanation of Holy Scripture peaceably deomonstrates how Isaiah 27;

• Confirms Satan’s (Lucifer’s) destruction after judgement was a literal one (v1, v10-11).

• This chapter also shows how people go upward to the new heaven and earth above this earth, after existence on this earth (v12-13)

The Beast = United Lands Made Up Of Sinful Mankind

Sharing how the ‘beast’ of Revelation, is a descriptive word for ‘united lands that are made up of peoples of the nations (mankind)’.

This will be done by sharing links on how the beast is linked to the sea (population).

Also sharing how mankind were judged at Armageddon, whilst being alive on this earth, and where thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, alive.

This means they didn’t have to die, in fact they stayed right here on the earth – as ‘being in the lake of fire and sulfur, means you are sinning more, especially with regard to idolatry (which is linked to the mark of the beast (Revelation 21:8).

This will be done by quickly reviewing how the beast is assosiated with, and comprised of mankind (people of the nations ref. Revelation 19:18, 19:20, 20:8, 20:10) – with Revelation 19:19-20 being the core focus.

Isaiah 16 Explained: Satan Destroyed, People Understand.

This explanation of Holy Scripture peaceably shows how Isaiah 16 states the following;

• Satan was literally destroyed long ago
• Prayers and rituals are thus subsequently of no real spiritual benefit to a person, or acknowledged by Satan (v.12, v.7) (kindly note such are all biblically prohibbited).
• People come to this understanding more and more (v.14).

Afterlife Realities: No Spiritual Underworld-Type Life Exists Any More.

Peaceably explaining how there is no spiritual existence in an underworld with satan or any fallen angellic being, or demon accounted for in any Holy Scripture – since death and hades (spiritual places) were destroyed by the firey spiritual judgement of the lake that burns with fire (Revelation 20:14).

Also sharing judgement outcomes which are supported in Holy Scripture for different people.

Satan’s Judgedment And Literal End (Ancient References – Feat. Ezekiel 28:18-19 Peaceably Shared).

Peaceably explaining how satan the devil was judged, and this means he is no more.