Why Are 2 Tribes Out of 14 Missing For The 144k? It’s A Riddle.

Sharing how the tribes of Dan and Ephraim can symbollically represent Satan, and by Revelation 7:4-8 intentionally not including them on the 144,000 list which speaks of believers and their being able to go to the new heaven and new earth above; we can learn that Satan is also not above – in addition to what Holy Scripture states regarding his judgement and literal destruction.

How Was The Devil Tormented Forever And Ever? Literal Non-Existence! (Not ‘alive’ And Revelation 19:20 and 20:9-10)

Explaining how in no place was Satan stated as being ‘alive’ in the lake of fire and sulfur.

Rather, Holy Scripture states that here only mankind (the beast which includes false prophet – ref. Revelation 19:18-20) were thrown ‘alive’ into the ‘lake of fire and sulfur’ (aka ‘judged as very wicked’).

The Devil (Lucifer/Satan) rather, was literally destroyed when he was judged as very wicked (‘thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur’) – and this was and is his torment forever and ever.