There Is No Violence: ‘…eye for eye…’, ‘…tooth for tooth…’ (Proverbs 24:29, Matthew 5:38-39, Ramban)

Explaining how in both the Old Testament (Tanakh) and the New Testament that the well known phrases ‘…eye for an eye…’ and ‘…tooth for tooth…’ etc. do not instruct a person to retaliate with violence.

Rather, the Tanakh (Old Testament) is typically speaking of reimbursement of medical expenses, and the New Testament encourages one to go even higher by forgiving an enemy and not demand such medical expenses or be litigious etc.

This agrees with other verses such as from the book of Proverbs which encourage kindness to enemies.

The commandment of stoning will also be touched upon and Holy Scripture will show how a stone cannot really be thrown – especially for one seeking everlasting life without end at his/her resurrection.