Commandments To Your Door.

There are certainly a range of retailers / suppliers for quality Judaica.

Initial recommended items include;

• Mezuzahs (Deuteronomy 6:9)

• Tefillin (Phylacteries; Deuteronomy 6:8, Matthew 23:5)

• Tallit Ketan (Tzitzit, re: Numbers 15:37-41)

• A prayer siddur. (Acts 2:42, Matthew 6:5-15)

This can be useful in learning prayers which may date back to old times. With some modification to honor the risen King Messiah, one can learn some excellent passages;

The Lord’s prayer as we know it, is perhaps an example of how to pray – in the sense of making prayer shorter, and even feature a selection from established traditional prayer.

One can see this from the morning blessings and the prayers of traditional Jewish prayer books (e.g. please protect us from mishap and a harsh spiritual opponent; i.e. do not let us slip into temptation… etc.).

On this note, a useful siddur might be the Artscroll Transliterated Interlinear Weekday Siddur, where a person can also begin to learn some Hebrew along the way, and learn some traditional, quite beautifully phrased passages – should they feel led.

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