Reference Table – A.C. Crowley, …Lazuli…

Demise of Sheol (Hades)

Reference 1;
Prologue v13.-15* Satan is thrown into the abyss, the end result is judgement and Pan (becomming ‘one with all’).

We see the support and parralel for this in Cordis – Pan, one destroyed into the infinite space. We also know that this means destruction from the several passages before it (ref.kjhasdkjhasd)
that this

Reference 1;
C1:5, C1:29, C9:12 – Here we see lkjhasdlkjasdlkj lkasjdlkasjd
kjashdksajhdjkhasdkjhaskjdhasd. slkdlhjlaksjdsdalkjadlkjasd. kjhkasjdhkjasdh.

Reference 2

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