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Quick Reference Table
Literal Destruction Of Satan (Lucifer)Sacrifice And Ritural Are No Longer Required At AllDestruction of Underworld (pit/Sheol/Hades)
• Chapter 1:14-15, C2:26;

• C1:21, C2:23;
Satan is no more, nothing, invisible to even God and His Follower(s).

• C2:45, C2:47
Dead mankind do not meet Satan, as he literally was destroyed.

• C2:50;
Blue and gold; are the colours of Satan’s deceased body.

• Chapter 3:1; ‘Abrahadabra’ and it’s meaning.

The above explain the judgement and literal destruction of satan as core verses. One will find that as they read the text and explanations, that verses build on verses and unravel to the realisation that Satan has been destroyed.
• C3:11-12, 3:13-15;
‘but not now’.

• C2:5;
All rituals are now dead (black).
• Chapter 2:27-33

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