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1. Here Heart and Snake demonstrate the entitwining of the memory of Satan (Lucifer) around the invisible core of the mind of a person who follows such.

The Snake is symbollic of ‘the affection toward the memory of Satan and the forbidden fruit that was left’. The philosopher/occultist Aleister writes in this sense.

When it says Rise my snake; it is recounting the hour of Satan’s judgement – where the cloaked (hooded) Satan would be judged and literally destroyed at Armageddon (Revelation 20:9-10, Ezekiel 28:18-19). This what ‘into brilliance of bloom’ means, going to what Satan desired; the decieving of the nations against G-d’s people (ref. Revelation 20:7-8).

A flower that blooms, then dies, and the explanation is confirmed with the next line.

The symbollic Snake (memory of Satan) is now floating on the corpse of Osiris in the tomb (which is representing Satan’s actual state, literally deceased).

Satan meant another to the philosopher’s family, thus he describes Satan as the heart of his mother, sister, and his own etc.

Though the deceased Satan is floating on the Nile (which is typically figurative for the pit/Sheol/Hades), the writer factored in the Scriptural fact that such spiritual places do not exist anymore, now that Armageddon/Judgement Day had taken place (Ezekiel 32:4-15, Revelation 20:9-15), and these ‘underworld’ places had been destroyed (Revelation 20:14).

Instead of going to the underworld which was destroyed at Armageddon (Ezekiel 32:4-15), the dead body of Satan was instead cast to this earth, which is called the figurative ‘lake of fire and/or sulfur’ (Isaiah 9:18-19, 66:24, Revelation 15:2, 21:1) – and this is why he says ‘Typhon’.

‘Typhon’ can tend to represent ‘volcanic forces’ (ref. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Typhon).

It is thus the symbolic ‘…lake of fire and sulphur…’ (this earth, ground level) which Satan (Lucifer) was thrown onto (Ezekiel 32:4, 39:4-5), consumed, and literally destroyed (Ezekiel 26:21).

Enwathes – Satan was ‘consumed’ by the spiritual fire (Judgement) that literally destroyed him (Revelation 20:9).

The philosopher then tells his soul to be still as he waits for his grief (spell) to fade away.

In time (as the aeons revolve), A.C writes on how he embraces the memory of Satan (Snake [on] my heart).

‘O Beetle’ – The beetle appears in the morning and is eating at the corpse of Satan, this is why it’s ‘dolorous’ note (a definition: ‘feeling or expressing great sorrow…’) – that is ‘mourning’, is in the trance (state) of the occultist’s trembling throat.

‘I await the awaking’ – The awakening is speaking of when people come to the understanding Satan (Lucifer) literally was destroyed and does not exist.

We see this in the cryptic puzzle of Chapter 2, verse 76 of Aleister Crowley’s ‘The Book Of The Law’ (RIP Satan in the earth (‘oval’), and some phrases that can be found in the same work along the lines of and listed below in dot point such as ‘the hiding of Hadit’, ‘the secret which has not been revealed’, ‘then this Knowledge will go aright’, ‘I am stronger (smarter than you and know it)’ etc.

As a result of this, people will no longer cling to/worship Satan how they used to for the most part – rather those who once had no discernment in this area (Isaiah 27:11), now do and will see clearer.’

Phases displayed just below in dot point such as ‘the secret which has not been revealed’,

People will start to understand that they are inactive not serving a living Satan, but that he has intact been literally deceased for a very, very long time – and this literal destruction is what Aleister Crowley means when he writes other phrases like this his ‘The Book Of The Law’ which is central to his belief structure;

• the hiding of Hadit,
• the secret which has not been revealed
• she will be known and I never
• then this Knowledge will go aright
• you have ill will to try and learn this secret
• I am stronger (smarter than you and know it)
• I and the earth are one (Satan is now destroyed, a pile of ashes as per Ezekiel 28:18-19).
– (Chapter II, Verses 1-26, ‘The Book Of The Law’ by Aleister Crowley)


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