End Time And Lake Of Fire Related

‘…the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.’
(Matthew 24:29 ESV)

What Can Be Learned Here?
• Satan was judged and literally destroyed from existence (Revelation 20:10, Ezekiel 28:18-19)
• There is no longer an underworld (Sheol/Hades) any more it was destroyed (Revelation 20:14, Ezekiel 32:11-15)
• There is thus no longer any communication or visitation with any fallen spirit being or deceased person. With this there is also no real return or benefit in any occult ritual or prayer (Isaiah 16:12, 16:7)
• The end of the world (Judgement Day) was a spiritual judgement, and has already happened (Matthew 25:31-32, 25:41, Revelation 19:20-21)
• Mankind go upward to the new heaven and new earth after dying here, and then return here if they are mortal (Isaiah 65:17, 65:20, Revelation 20:15, 21:8, Isaiah 66:24)

Ezekiel 26 Explained: Satan’s Literal Destruction

This chapter of Ezekiel 26 peaceably shares how:

• Satan was judged and literally destroyed (V3-5, V15-21)

• The pit/Sheol/Hades were completely emptied of the dead souls that existed in it and was also literally destroyed (V8-V14).

• and that, peaceably, all who follow Satan are liable for judgement (V6)

Below is the commentary on the topic.

The actual chapter of Ezekiel 26 can be read here:

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Dating The End, Satan’s Destruction: By Identifying The Image And The Mark Of The Beast Etc. (Revelation 13, 17, 18).

This explanation of Holy Scripture peaceably dates the spiritual judgement and literal end of the created spirit god Satan (Lucifer), by placing it on a timeline with regard to the image of the beast etc.

It places Armageddon (Judgement Day) at circa 70AD/CE (Revelation 20:9-10, 19:29-21, 29:13-15, Ezekiel 32:4-9, 11-12, 14-15).

This is done by sharing how the ‘image of the beast’ is the well known T-style crucifix which represents Tammuz (an alias for Satan/Lucifer).

The Tammuz-style crucifix was very popular and used by a dominant nation for human executions/sacrifices – especially around the time of the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem, Israel in 70CE/AD.

The beast and mark will also be explained.

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