Internationally Recognised Accounting For Our Spiritual Environment (Reality) – Peacefully Shared Within Tolerance.

One will find that our reality answers both the ancient and old written references of substance which are quoted and explained here as correct.

69CE approx. is a key date for of all these things which have taken place – being;

a) no spiritual communication or visitation here with any created spirit being, including Satan whom was judged and literally destroyed. He did leave some forbidden fruit though.

b) no underworld anymore as it was also literally destroyed on ‘Judgement Day’ to which both ancient and old written references confirm was a spiritual event that has happened. Nowdays mankind only go upward to the new heaven and new earth.’

DISCLAIMER: All information is shared without liability to the writer. It is recommended each individual review all source documentation to arrive at their understanding.

Explanation Of Interest
Aleister Crowley Writings Unlocked And Explained

Peacably showing how Satan was judged and literally destroyed along with the Abyss/Sheol/Hades, and how the occult philosopher knew this truth – sharing this through his encrypted writings, with his advanced Biblical knowledge. Sadly the man wrote that he preferred a life filled with immorality at the time.

Explanation of: The Book of the Law
Liber AL vel Legis
sub figura CCXX
as delivered by XCIII = 418 to DCLXVI
Explanation of: Liber Liberi vel Lapdis Lazuli
Adumbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum
Sub Figura
Explanation of: Liber Trigrammaton sub Figura XXVII
Explanation of: Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA
Sub Figura DLXX
Explanation of: LIBER LXI VEL CAUSAE A.·.A.·.
Related Of Interest;

C2:76 Solved – 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L.

End Message Focus, Demonstrating 12 characters which is equal to (6+6) here.

Latin Alphabet chart used to calculate letter numerical value of the old OVAL riddle which is based on Holy Scripture – here.

Biblical Chapter Explanation
Isaiah 14
Isaiah 16, 21
Isaiah 27
Jeremiah 49
Jeremiah 50
Jeremiah 51
Ezekiel 26
Ezekiel 28
Ezekiel 32
Daniel 10
Daniel 11
Daniel 12
End time Holy Scripture Explanation Available At
Habbukak 2

Revelation 7
Revelation 13
Revelation 14
Revelation 17
Revelation 18
Revelation 19
Revelation 20
Revelation 21
End time Holy Scripture Explanation Available At

How Was The Interpretation On Our Spiritual Environment Arrived At?

This interpretation was recieved circa August 2021 whilst reading the Holy Scriptures – well before any A.C written materials were studied at any length.

The A.C materials were found to match the context of the ‘end piece’ of Holy Scripture (see explanatory articles) regarding the spiritual environment (reality) of this earth, and are explained to demonstrate this – without any twisting of the works.

Given the nature of Aleister Crowley’s lifestyle the , it must be disclaimed that peaceably no sinful lifestyle / immorality is encouraged here.

The explanations are copyright free, and copying, pasting, republishing are thus allowed. If a person wanted to use the source materials (e.g. Holy Scripture), seeking permission from the respective publisher is advised.

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