Psalm 45:6-7 Translated More Accurately – ‘g’ and ‘G’ (There is No trinity)

Sharing the more accurate rendering of Psalm 45:6-7 complete with brief explanation – showing how there is no ‘trinity’ within it. Shalom.

Isaiah 9:6 – Better Explained (There is No trinity)

Sharing a video explanation of how Isaiah 9:6 does not speak of the incorrect man-made doctrine known as the ‘trinity’. Further, a published Hebrew contextual translation of the verse is also shared – it to, demonstrates no reference to the ‘trinity’. Shalom and kind regards.

John 8:58 – ‘Jesus said… I am…’ (There is No trinity)

Here, John 8:58 is explained in context – without malice – in order to show that when the Messiah (Christ) said ‘…I am…’, that this simply means ‘he existed, before Abraham’.