How The Quran Does Not Agree With The Bible – (Peaceably: Q3:84, Q4:93)

Here it will be shown how both Q3:84 and Q4:93 do not agree with the Bible.

Q3:84 Gives mention to Ishmael, and although people from all nations are welcome to believe the gospel- Holy Scripture states believers become Israelites, and that the promise of eternal life without end is given only to Israel (Abraham -> Isaac -> Jacob/Israel).

Q4:93 tells us that if a person deliberately kills a believer, they go to hell where they stay forever. This means no forgiveness.

Holy Scripture however, tells us that all sins are forgivable, except for blasphemy of G-d’s Holy Spirit.

Answers To The Dear Muslims Of Islam.

Here, some very popular questions dear Muslims may have, are responded to in a peaceable way – all in hope that the responses might be helpful to you.

Table Of Contents;

■ Popular Question:
Do you think the Quran is true?
■ Question:
The 3-in-1 ‘trinity’:
The Quran says that there is no such thing as the ‘trinity’ – is this a good thing?
■ Question:
The Quran says ‘that G-d does not have a Son…’ – what does that mean?
■ Question:
Does the Quran really say that they did not really kill Jesus at the crucifixion?
■ Popular Question;
The Bible says ‘…here are two swords…It is enough…’ – Is this allowing violence?
■ Popular Question;
Is Muhammad a real prophet from G-d?
■ Topic:
Circumcision, the Quran, and the Bible
■ Topic:
The Sabbath, the Quran, and the Bible
■ Popular Questions:
Why not have ‘Ishmael’ in the title, when speaking of ‘the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…’?
And why should we seek to do the commandments given to Moses for Israel
(The Ten Commandments and the rest)
– as we believe in God, and also in Jesus?
■ Question:
Is it necessary then to even read the Quran?

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